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Dragone – WIP


The Dragon Read the Second post about the dragon project here Here is my Dragon project and I’m trying to write about it from start to finish while working on it. The first design was made during my internship at

Showreel 2009


here’s some of my work, enjoy! This is my most recent showreel and it’s also one of my first showreels, I must say it’s fun digging up all your past work and seeing it all with new eyes. I’m mostly

Aviation Cloth


Detailing the cloth. This project was during my internship at Bobby. My duty was to detail the cloth covering the plane. I worked in Mudbox together with my wacom tablet to achieve the level of detail required. The project involved

Stone Troll


This was made for a game project in school. i became very satisfied with the result so decided to include this cute guy here on this page.

The first video is just the stone troll all by him self running through some animation loops. Beneath is a demo film from the game he appeared in.

Hungry Dog


Watch what you eat This project was during my internship at Bobby and the client in this project was Specsavers. The dog came to veterinarian because the dog accidentally swallowed someones glasses. In this commercial I did a composite which



Whats a Centurion? This project was during my internship at Bobby, the modeling was really fun and challenging during this project. During this project I had a lot of responsibility, I was both grateful and surprised on the level of

Pearl Ring

Pearl present This project was for school but also had another purpose which gave me a some extra motivation. I used Maya for everything. More specifically for the pearl material i used the samplerinfo node in Maya, this worked out

Missing Milk


One of my first compositions A school project, in this composite i added a milk carton in 3D. Before i decided on this idea i had several others, one where something as simple as a 3d ball would roll all

Micro Apple

The tiny apple This was a school project where the aim was to make an object look like it was viewed through an electronic microscope. I modeled the apple in Maya and then swapped to Zbrush. The aim was to

Candle Light


A Diablo style candle This was a school project where the aim was to make a sub surface scattering material. My choice was to do a candle with a old feeling. I found a candle on a homepage for Diablo