Aviation Cloth

Detailing the cloth.

This project was during my internship at Bobby. My duty was to detail the cloth covering the plane. I worked in Mudbox together with my wacom tablet to achieve the level of detail required. The project involved making still pictures, the stills were printed on very big posters and was to be seen by a crowd. Because they were stills and printed in such a big proportions we needed every bit of detail we could get.

aviation_halfwaycovered_highres_v07__0 During this project I worked together with two other artists. It was very exciting to be part of a project were i had the chance to take part of these two very experienced people. I owe them a big thank you for sharing their wisdom with me.

I had some problems in Mudbox because the lack of memory continued to force Mudbox to crash. This continued through the whole modeling process, i also had a lot of help and pointers from the two other artists. It had to look like it was being pulled of in one of the images. We often discussed how this would look and we even did some tests to see how it actually look in the real world.

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