Dragone – WIP

The Dragon

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Here is my Dragon project and I’m trying to write about it from start to finish while working on it. The first design was made during my internship at Bobby, the first concept was drawn by a colleague (another intern).

I first modeled the head and continued after the internship with the rest of the model. The work was done when ever i had some extra time and little by little it became a Dragons head =)

<- Done some work on the head. dragon_head2009-09-29-02-45-05

The work on the body have been pretty straightforward so far. Right now the basic modeling is almost finished and I’m about to move to Mudbox for some details and textures. This will be extremely fun, it has been sometime since i opened up Mudbox (been using Zbrush), I’m all jittery.


Well Mudbox didn’t work I tried to get the detail in through Mudbox but it just crashed on me everytime I tried to subdivide the model, so Zbrush became my weapon of choice again. It took some time to actually give up trying Mudbox to work. I think Mudbox must use memory a bit different (a bit worse) than Zbrush, because Zbrush is working just fine on very high subdivisions.

2009-11-03 03-03-04 I’ve tried to get some detail into the model and I’m thinking about texturing him and then continuing working on the details. Just to get an idea of how his scale is going to look and where I need a lot of details. Also by texturing him and then refining the details I think I’ll end up with a better model.



Now I’ve got some color on him, I’m unsure if I’m going to keep him red or try something else. I tried a couple of colors before landing on red, i think it’ll work =).
I’ve also worked a little on the details but it’s going to need some more work. Well the base mesh is done, the base color is done. Now it’s either time for retopology or work up some more detail and then retopologize. It’s worth some thought. I think I’ll do some more modeling before i go for the final stretch. He’s not quite where i want him to be just now and i think I’m going to re work the base texture some more. As an example the color on the horns and teeth are way too white and the texture is still too clean, but then again it’s only a base, a starting point

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