Humble awesome bundle

Awsome deal!

If your a gamer and you like the Indie scene chances are you already know about it. But still writing about this is also promoting it for all of those who have missed it in the past. I’m of course talking about Humble Bundle!

Its a package of games usually from Indie developers that you can buy for a price you decide completely your self. Recently I bought a bundle and downloaded the games with expectation out of my finger tips. I’ve still haven’t had time to play them all, a total of six games. Example games are Rochard and SPAZ two really impressive games!

But here comes the big thing; after my purchase, and after I’ve already become a satisfied customer, four more developers join the bundle and suddenly I have four more games to download. Which other publisher would ever do such a thing? This move is in my eyes the coolest thing with the whole deal. After I’m a satisfied customer they give me more. I will definitely come back and I’m telling all my friends!

Check out Humble Bundle here! and subscribe so you’ll be notified about future bundles.

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