Wodden Pallet Study


studying assets to improve my skill Here is a study of a wooden pallet, more Modo training.

Oil Barrel Study


studying assets to improve my skill Here is a study of a oil barrel, came out nice. I used Modo for the modelling to sharpen my skills a little.

Barrel Study


studying assets to improve my skill Here is a study of a barrel, pleased with it. Not much more to say =)

Knight Girl


A small knight, who’s a girl Here is a quick and project, I was asked to do a worksample, which became this image. I really liked the concept so I brought it into Maya and worked it into a full

Dragon – final post


at last I’ve finished him Read my previous post here. This is a project that has been put on the shelf far too many times, now I’ve finally found the time to finish him. It’s really fun animating a quadruped,

Git, the new SVN?


What is Git? When attending school they used SVN and until now I have never had any reason to change or look elsewhere for a version control system, until I discovered Git. Here you can test it out! try Git.

A 35 Rocket Stock Car


A 35 Rocket This beautiful old car is hard to do justice but I think my model came out pretty nice, also considering the polycap. This job was very straight forward, just poly pushing then UV map, texturing and then

SKL Kid Animations


SKL Kid Animation Some simple but nice animations of a character. He turned out so cute =)

Fit n’ Clean


smell like sweet, Not! Fit n’ Clean is a company creates a laundry detergent that is specilized towards training clothes. I was asked late a sunday evening if i couldn’t create a mashup of several designs into one coherent design.

Robot Mech _001_


Mech _001_ The robot is a project that I have been working on when ever I have had some time over. I wanted to hard surface model something and it became this mechanical monster. The modelling process has been very