Maya Scene, Python to XML


Python to XML I’ve been working on this script to improve the workflow at work. The 3D engine that we use is an inhouse developed engine that reads XML for all of it’s objects, materials and more. So I sat



CGFX straight to the Engine When working with a proprietary engine I wanted to get a look at the finished result inside Maya before exporting the mesh. Most engines solve this by working as an editor and an engine. But

Scrolling on laptops


Scroooolll! After buying a new laptop for my mother she told me that the two finger scrolling really didn’t work as expected. I couldn’t do anything but agree with her, it was really jerky if you weren’t very careful. So

Snail – future composition?


Animal planet – The Snail This is a video of a snail I filmed, I’m considering using him in a really cool composition

Midsummer 2012


This is what I call summer! This was filmed on the east coast of Sweden, not far from Stockholm.

Humble awesome bundle

Awsome deal! If your a gamer and you like the Indie scene chances are you already know about it. But still writing about this is also promoting it for all of those who have missed it in the past. I’m

Showreel 2012


Showreel breakdown Human body in realtime! Recently I’ve really grown in modelling, texturing and shading. I think this shines through in the human project where I’ve worked on organic modeling and sculpting. A lot of the texturing and shading also

Wacom and windows rings


Be gone you pesky rings! I found this really nice program to help with the windows rings, most of you wacom users will know what I’m talking about. It can be really annoying and if you use your wacom as

Trello – “To do” for real


“To do” list with depth Trello is much more than a to do list, you could call it a project management tool. I wanted to share my experience using this tool, I used it while updating this homepage. Trello is

New and improved website!


Improved, design, back-end and lots more! I have vastly improved the design and the back end of my homepage. During my parental leave I took the opportunity too update my homepage. Previously I had a nice design of my homepage