My Beer Commercial

My Own Beer Commercial

This Project was a two day production with my friend Peter. The aim was to make something simple but yet “Professional”. I think that we came close, especially considering the time.

We started one evening to film with Peters new camera (another reason to do this), and tried first at a bar were we concluded that the ligthing was to bad, but it gave us some ideas to proceed. For one we filmed it all in 50fps. So we tried another recording at my home, which was much better considering the circumstances. We had no stand or tripod and the lighting was all from my livingroom lamps.

The camera was the only tool we had at our disposal.

Peter got some great shots and we moved too After Effects.

When in After Effects we started to cut the sequence (we didn’t use Final cut or Premiere because it was such a short film). We tried to take advantage of the number of frames we had, Peter filmed everything in 720p 50fps, so we tried slowing stuff down and getting some slow-motion going. I realized that even double speed wasn’t enough to get those really super slow-motion scenes I’ve seen on Youtube but we got some nice effects out of it, Filming this fast paced motion in 25fps would have looked awful … good decision.

maincomp-0-00-02-01 In After Effects I got to try a couple of new tools, Getting some CC (Color Correction) going and effects. For one I tried Colorista and got a couple of different going. One Primary CC to adjust the white balance and then a secondary to enhance features that I liked, for example a drop sliding on the side of the glass. Then I took a stab at Magic Bullets Looks, this tool is used to give the entire shot a distinctive look. You probably noticed the “Look” in CSI for example, this is just the same, it merges shots that have been taken in different settings. A night shot and an indoor shot can have very different lighting and Look merges these to create a unified feeling.

I also tried out particular, a particle plugin for After Effects. I guess the use of this is pretty self explanatory. I used it for the effect at the end. Then we headed into Squeeze which is used for compression. i must say that better compressions is hard to find. it crunched my 996 Mb file down around 1 Mb for a .flv and for a Bluray quality .m2v file it landed on around 25 Mb. It’s good work for my first stab on Squeeze.

This was really an awsome project. Intense and short. The only thing missing is the Sound (already asked a friend of mine to help me out with it). It seems like there wont be sound until the next one.

We are going to make another one =D

Another Commercial is in the works, we’re just having some difficulties finding the time and opportunity to meet and get the shots we need.

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