New and improved website!

Improved, design, back-end and lots more!

I have vastly improved the design and the back end of my homepage. During my parental leave I took the opportunity too update my homepage. Previously I had a nice design of my homepage but unfortunately it wasn’t responsive which means that it didn’t work that nice on mobile phones or tablets, you had to zoom a lot and it wasn’t intuitive. I also took the chance to improve the back-end of the website. For example it’s much easier to create posts and let viewers share them.

If your interested in responsiveness check out this ramble from Chris Coyier

The work consisted of creating a wordpress theme that was responsive. I choose to rework a existing theme, the reason being time, I wanted/needed to complete the design quickly. Another good future reason is that a theme will most likely be updated, while a personal theme (like my last one) probably wont.

I gave myself two weeks of evenings and spare time to rework the design and back end. It took about three weeks all in all, but this included the set up of Github and WAMP and everything else. It took about three weeks to complete, but considering the extra work I put in, the time frame was very reasonable (especially working just evenings and sparetime). Going from nothing too a complete working homepage and under the way also creating a futureproof development workflow, isn’t too bad.

Another bonus was that I found and researched alot of DCVS’s (Distributed Concurrent Versions System), previously I really just knew about svn but now I have a good understanding of git, mercurial, svn. Now i have a good understanding of version control in general both in theory and in practice. As an artist or maybe I should say Technical artist it’s good knowledge to have.

I also felt the need to connect to the community a bit more so i decided to start my own monthly were i write things about art, design or game related issues (just like this article). Some months there might just be a link to a nice tutorial and other months there might be more of an article about Unity 3D or maybe Zbrush.
It will be like a personal blog were I occasionally will stray from those three issues (art, design or games) but if your into unity, Autodesk Maya or games like diablo 3, sign up to my newsletter!

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