Project Name: Spevsavers dog

Software used: Maya, Photoshop

What I did: Modeling, Texturing,
Shading, Composition

Watch what you eat

This project was during my internship at Bobby and the client in this project was Specsavers.

The dog came to veterinarian because the dog accidentally swallowed someones glasses.

In this commercial I did a composite which was part of the whole. I have posted both of the films so that you’re able to see the whole commercial as well. I started out in Maya and modeled the glasses witch I then shaded, I did the glasses in Maya so that I could render them out in witch ever angle the client wanted them in. I then composited them together with the background witch was sent down the pipeline.

In this project I had close communication with the client which was very exciting. I made changes and received  feedback almost instantly.