Python Course – CG workshop

import maya.cmds as mc

I recently finished a course with the very prestiges Shaun Freidberg

pythonCourse_ceritficate CG workshop advertised about a course in python for maya and as I recently started writing python in maya it seemed like a good fit.
The course started out quite chaotic, the courseware was not uploaded and Shaun was very busy with the Hobbit at the time so he was stressed aswell. It wasn’t until about week two that the course really started., to be fair Shaun also got CG workshop to extend the course for a week to make up for the rocky start.

The course was really informative and I learned a lot. Although I would have loved to have some practical problems at work to apply the course as well as learn. I had just started my paternal leave so I used the evenings to learn some python. Although I realized quickly that the other people in the course that was at their usual job or similar had a very tough time to keep up with the course if that weeks problems weren’t directly applicable in their work.

It’s always hard to have a course that can please everyone but I think Shaun did a good job. The course started out very basic and escalated quickly to a level where even the advanced students really learned something. For me i really learned the basics well in python and I also felt like I advanced quite a bit during the course. As I’m mainly a graphics artist the coding and scripting isn’t completely natural for me but with my new experience I would actually call myself a technical Artist these days.

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