Retrospelsmässan 8-bit FTW

working for free = working with freedom

A friend of mine started to have the annual conference of retro games. It has had a real uprising and have grown a lot these last couple of years. The second year he was planing it he asked me if i couldn’t make a trailer of some kind. Of course I agreed and we discussed the idea. We imagined a Tetris theme with some way of presenting that years competitions while also showing of some pictures from the previous year.

_MG_9834 The undertaking was a bit more than I had first thought. The massive amount of Pixels needed to represent their logo was way more than I anticipated, but I fought on. The Maya rigid bodies technique I first tried was completely unworkable. The scene became so heavy so I couldn’t work. So I tried to do it in parts. First simulate one part and then the next etc. but nothing worked. The simulation times were also incredibly slow, I asked my self if i just should hand animate it. But no, I pressed on.

Until finally I tried a plugin for Maya called pulldownit, that worked so much better. It wasn’t perfect but at least now I could work. So the work began. The work then finally flowed forward at a steady pace. I didn’t really have any issues after that.

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