Stone Troll

Game project = fun!!

This was made for a game project in school. I became very satisfied with the result so decided to include this cute guy here on this page.

The first video is just the stone troll all by him self running through some animation loops. Beneath is a demo film from the game he appeared in.

I first used Maya to flesh the bulk of the model and then switched to Zbrush to model the details and to apply the textures. I then returned to Maya for the rigging, skinning and animation. As mentioned the troll was used in a game so I also needed to export him to Ogre (the game engine). During the game project I handled most of the exporting and pulled out my hair on more than one occasion, but at last all we had hoped to manage came to be incorporated into the game.

The hardest part of this process was probably the animation and exporting. The animation was hard because you’re never satisfied, I always felt like the animations could be better. Which, frankly, they probably could. But there is always the time factor. When considering the amount of time used for the animation I must say that I’m quite pleased with the result.

The exporting was hard because it was so tedious and unforgiving. The process had a massive amount of steps and if you made one mistake you needed to do them all again. When I had learned the process it became easier but there was still a lot of things to export, which took some time. Also the lack of documentation for the exporter didn’t make life easier, but we got it all done in the end. An upside is that I started writing a tutorial of the exporting process.

Here  is the demo film of the game

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