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Dragon – final post


at last I’ve finished him Read my previous post here. This is a project that has been put on the shelf far too many times, now I’ve finally found the time to finish him. It’s really fun animating a quadruped,

A 35 Rocket Stock Car


A 35 Rocket This beautiful old car is hard to do justice but I think my model came out pretty nice, also considering the polycap. This job was very straight forward, just poly pushing then UV map, texturing and then

SKL Kid Animations


SKL Kid Animation Some simple but nice animations of a character. He turned out so cute =)

Robot Mech _001_


Mech _001_ The robot is a project that I have been working on when ever I have had some time over. I wanted to hard surface model something and it became this mechanical monster. The modelling process has been very

Showreel 2012


Showreel breakdown Human body in realtime! Recently I’ve really grown in modelling, texturing and shading. I think this shines through in the human project where I’ve worked on organic modeling and sculpting. A lot of the texturing and shading also

Retrospelsmässan 8-bit FTW


working for free = working with freedom A friend of mine started to have the annual conference of retro games. It has had a real uprising and have grown a lot these last couple of years. The second year he

Stone Troll


This was made for a game project in school. i became very satisfied with the result so decided to include this cute guy here on this page.

The first video is just the stone troll all by him self running through some animation loops. Beneath is a demo film from the game he appeared in.

Jet Explosion


My first fluids explosion This was a school project where the aim was to make and explosion, so that’s what I tried to do. During this project I tried hard to use particles and fluids in interesting ways just for