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Fit n’ Clean


smell like sweet, Not! Fit n’ Clean is a company creates a laundry detergent that is specilized towards training clothes. I was asked late a sunday evening if i couldn’t create a mashup of several designs into one coherent design.

Wacom and windows rings


Be gone you pesky rings! I found this really nice program to help with the windows rings, most of you wacom users will know what I’m talking about. It can be really annoying and if you use your wacom as

White, architecture test


White isn’t white anymore This is an architecture project that you could call a test bed for further work within in that area. The name “white” is from when the room had no textures of any kind, it was just

Stone Troll


This was made for a game project in school. i became very satisfied with the result so decided to include this cute guy here on this page.

The first video is just the stone troll all by him self running through some animation loops. Beneath is a demo film from the game he appeared in.

Hungry Dog


Watch what you eat This project was during my internship at Bobby and the client in this project was Specsavers. The dog came to veterinarian because the dog accidentally swallowed someones glasses. In this commercial I did a composite which

Micro Apple

The tiny apple This was a school project where the aim was to make an object look like it was viewed through an electronic microscope. I modeled the apple in Maya and then swapped to Zbrush. The aim was to

Candle Light


A Diablo style candle This was a school project where the aim was to make a sub surface scattering material. My choice was to do a candle with a old feeling. I found a candle on a homepage for Diablo

Jet Explosion


My first fluids explosion This was a school project where the aim was to make and explosion, so that’s what I tried to do. During this project I tried hard to use particles and fluids in interesting ways just for

Butterfly Drink


Butterfly drink A project during internship at Bobby, this was one of the biggest assignments I had during my internship. During this project I worked with shading, modeling, texturing and rigging. I also helped with the lightning for the scene.