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Snail – future composition?


Animal planet – The Snail This is a video of a snail I filmed, I’m considering using him in a really cool composition

Midsummer 2012


This is what I call summer! This was filmed on the east coast of Sweden, not far from Stockholm.

Showreel 2012


Showreel breakdown Human body in realtime! Recently I’ve really grown in modelling, texturing and shading. I think this shines through in the human project where I’ve worked on organic modeling and sculpting. A lot of the texturing and shading also

Protected: Megadrive – Pustervik


There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Python Course – CG workshop


import maya.cmds as mc I recently finished a course with the very prestiges Shaun Freidberg CG workshop advertised about a course in python for maya and as I recently started writing python in maya it seemed like a good fit.

My Beer Commercial


My Own Beer Commercial This Project was a two day production with my friend Peter. The aim was to make something simple but yet “Professional”. I think that we came close, especially considering the time. We started one evening to

Showreel 2009


here’s some of my work, enjoy! This is my most recent showreel and it’s also one of my first showreels, I must say it’s fun digging up all your past work and seeing it all with new eyes. I’m mostly