Trello – “To do” for real

“To do” list with depth

Trello is much more than a to do list, you could call it a project management tool.

I wanted to share my experience using this tool, I used it while updating this homepage. Trello is a card based “to do” application (many use it as a kanban system or a project management tool) which works very well. It’s webbased and is much more enjoyable for graphics people, like myself.

An ordinary “To do” list usually doesn’t give the depth that is needed to explain the task. With Trello you can “turn a card around” and learn more about that specific task. I found the application after looking for a dvcs (distributed version control system) were I found fogbugz together with kiln from the company fog creek. Which seemed like a very good option in the market, unfourtunatly the price point of 30$ and no alternative forced me to look elsewhere, I finally landed on github but fogcreek did get me as a user anyway, although with Trello.

There is Trello for Android!

The product is very good for small teams or working solo for keeping a simple but yet powerfully to do list. I acctually have been using it to update this webbpage. I started out by just using the simple template board (a board holds all your cards) and then i started putting items in the to do list. It’s easy to realize the power behind this tool in a team. For someone to be able o plan the work and keeping an overhead of what people are doing.

The power of this tool is its simplicity. To easly be able grasp the amount of work, see your different tasks and easly add notes pictures or other attachments with drag and drop. Now you can also connect it to your Google drive.

Then there is the social aspect were your able to vote or comment each others tasks, For this to be so accessible is a great advantage. Sharing is also very easy, your documents, links or files.

If you feel the need for a simple task tracker that dosen’t need to be tied to your code base or similar then check out trello.

PS. people are also using trello for other really cool projects DS.

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